10 Healthy LATE NIGHT Snacks (Under 100 Calories)

Please READ this box more info. Are you a late night snacker? Late night snacking may sabotage your weight loss effort and even lead to weight gain.

Choosing the right snack is key to satisfy your hunger or cravings without adding high amount of extra calories, which may leave you feeling bloated and regretful in the morning.

If you are a late night snacker, do follow my 3 snacking rules, you can try my top 10 healthy late night snacking ideas and also learn some foods to avoid.

Remember, Practice Moderation! Lots of Love xx

Oh by the way my smoothie is “Smoothie-2-Go” by Kenwood, Popsicle is from Ikea and my blouse is from Lipsy (I love this blouse!!). =D

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