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What We Eat in a Day #4 (Paleo)

Hi guys! Hope you’re enjoying our What We Eat in a Day series – let us know what you think of this more chatty vlog style video!

As always, these videos are not intended to give you a calorie-for-calorie breakdown of what you should eat (as we’re all very different and have different needs) but we hope you can take away some meal ideas/ recipes/ inspiration! 🙂

Eating out on Paleo / Social Situations post:

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  1. What tips do you guys have for someone who's family eats really unhealthy and still lives at home? I've been wanting to go paleo for almost a year now but every time I try, I get sucked back into the unhealthy lifestyle.

  2. I really want to go paleo. 99% but if I go to say my Nonnas house for dinner I want to eat her dinner pasta and all. Or to my parents. But that's it any other time I want to be strict. Do you think that's bad.

  3. thanks for your videos. just wondering if you generally do low carb high fat for breaky and lunch then eat your carbs later in the evening? also do you follow a general macro breakdown? thanks

  4. Be careful with nori because you can easily exceed the daily recommended amount of iodine and it might cause thyroid issues after some time. I'd suffered from hyperthyroidism after consuming spirulina 2 tbsp for a month (even though it's not a seawater algae, the amount of iodine was enough to cause me severe hyperthyroidism, my thyroid was completely saturated with iodine on the scintigraphy) and since I was treated for that I've been suffering from hypothyroidism. Thyroid is a very sensitive organ, too little iodine and you could get a goiter, too much and you could fall into hyperthyroidism and after a while hypothyroidism. Japanese people consume very large amounts of iodine daily and have a high rate of thyroid cancers http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22414981. You can see here the amount of iodine you can find in nori https://fineli.fi/fineli/en/elintarvikkeet?component=2189&sortByColumn=component&sortOrder=desc

  5. I can't have too much iodine because it triggers an autoimmune flare up (I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis) :/ excess iodine also increases your risk of getting Hashimoto's, but that's only if you have too much. Love your videos! I'm on AIP and it helps to see some meal ideas!

  6. I really enjoy watching you 2, great channel! Recently swtiched to Paleo and feeling really good/energized. Im working out hard and getting greater results since i cleaned up my diet. Keep the videos coming you 2 are doing a great job =) btw im applying all your tips and recipies. thanks Greetings from Sweden!

  7. Do you have concerns about consuming raw egg due to salmonella outbreaks? For those of us less comfortable with consuming raw eggs, can you recommend a replacement in the chipotle recipe?

  8. I loved this! the breakfast looked AMAZING! when I go out to eat or I just really feel like I want to cheat it's usually for Mexican food (like rice and beans) ever since I've been on the paleo diet I've missed it so much!

  9. love you girls, I can't eat much iodine, I never buy iodine salt and neither does my family because I have Graves' disease or hypothyroidism, so that means I have to much iodine and it's bad if I eat too much, but I still love sushi, it's one of my favorite foods even though I'm not supposed to eat it. love your videos and sending love for WA x

  10. i loove you girls so much. such a pleasure to have you on YouTube.. (; I'm doing paleo since September and i just fell in love with it…. after being vegi for almost a year I've decided to take care of my body and fill it up with authentic food…. what we actually need to feed on as human beings…. I'm so happy that i got the opportunity to be a fan of you and learn more about this amazing way of living…( :
    you two are wonderful and i wish you very good luck.

    i have a question. i think that my weight stacked and i don't seem to lose weight.. (im 161 , 56 kilograms)… i do eat high fat dairy products ..everyday.. do you eat fat dairy products?
    im curious if that's the reason i don't lose weight…. hope you know something about it…

    xx from the holly land of Israel lol (:

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