What I Eat In A Day 🍌as a LFHC Vegan 🍌JACKFRUIT MANIA!

Hi guys!

Guess what?! I am fully back into the Low Fat High Carb Vegan lifestyle, Raw Till 4 style, or just fully raw (like featured here).
I will cover in another video why I made that decision, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy watching how being SO CARBED UP allowed me to be on top of my game physically, and I would say even emotionally (as I feel more connected to everything).
I’m also able to give you DAILY videos!!! Say whaaaat?! That’s crazy for me! I never had the time, or drive to do so before…Now, I seem to be on a roll and just loving everything about every day!

Here is one product YOU NEED in your kitchen:

✯Breakfast: 11 dates + 1tbsp of coconut sugar 765cal
✯Lunch: 1kg/ 36oz of jackfruit 970cal
✯Dinner: 560g/20oz of cucumber + 560g/20oz of endives +450g/16oz of tomatoes + vegan bbq and mango/chili sauce 515cal
MACROS: 90/6/4 (carbs/protein/fat)
Total carbs 551g. Total protein: 37g. Total Fat: 10g

I am so thankful for your support and you following my journey.

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Sending you love (◡‿◡✿)

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