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  1. Wow, what kind of super scanner do you got to see that from a video? Give it to the world 🙂
    He is a cyclist btw, so he would be skinny whatever he eat, thats crucial in that kind of sports, if you want to be fast.

  2. They weren't even demonizing it, merely mentioning cause-and-effect. So by your logic we should also eat mined salts of iron, copper, and all other minerals in high amounts just like the salt of sodium. Cause it's VERY HEALTHY, right? What good is food for, anyway? Why stop with sodium?

  3. I assume that since you are on YT watching videos & commenting, you obviously have internet access. Why don't you use it to learn something. Dogs are OMNIVORES & generally speaking, veg dogs live longer, healthier lives. Research it. &, so what if salt is a mineral? Would you sprinkle copper or iron shavings onto your food? There is ample sodium in fruits and vegetables for the human body, & to add more is detrimental to health. It retains water because the solution to pollution is dilution.

  4. Such a goddamn fool, always using this woman to back up your arguments when everything else fails on your other videos. "Oy! I eat fookin bananas and look betta than guys who do real diets and weight liftin!" Man, your woman looks more manly than you, and your retarded diet makes you look like a meth addict.

  5. i agree. fruits and veggies are great, but salt defiency is a real issue, and if you take seasalt, with 95 minerals, then the issue of high blood pressure is less of a problem. even sperm productiona and quality can be effected negatively by low salt diets. bones are built of salt, and become light and brittle in the long term. losing weight can also be an early indicator of bone density loss.

  6. Obviously you are set in your ways & believe how you eat is optimal. But salt is a mineral just like iron, copper, etc. & I get sick of vegans demonizing it. Salt is actually VERY HEALTHY. & thigh gaps do not mean you're healthy, in fact they indicate heart issues or you simply have wide set hips. I am thinner than you with NO thigh gap because my hips are so narrow. & btw, dogs are carnivores & should NOT eat a 100% plant based diet. I can tell you won't be swayed just bc you deny that fact.

  7. it's hard to say how your body will react as everybodys body reacts differently… but one thing for sure is that your body is going to go have to re-balance it'self & readjust hormone regulation – this 'might' take time depending on how 'healthy' the rest of you is… be patient & don't worry if you gain a little weight or if your periods go a bit haywire at first – your body is fixing itself – it will find it's balance in time if you're eating the right foods

  8. your body may expreriece detoxing symptoms from the pill for the first 2 months you may have difference in mood either more tired or more energized. But you are not supposed to take the pill for years it can cause many risks to your health. the sooner you quit the better. doctors love pimping out perscriptions, dont let them tell you what to do with your vagina. it is sad they got you at age 11.

  9. what can i expect after getting off the pill ? I'm worried ive been taking it since I was eleven because I used to get very heavy periods every 3 days for 2 weeks at a time. definately not normal… im 17 turning 18 now but idk how my body will react if im off it? will i lose/gain weight? anything freaky happen!? i'd ask my doctor but thats the same man who put an 11 year old on birth control pills for a quick fix so he wouldnt have to deal with me.

  10. Dogs don't normally feel the need to gorge on possum guts and maggots. Chances are he's starving for something he's not getting. I wonder what his blood work looks like.

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