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Weight Watchers Points Plus & Low Calorie Grocery Haul! Lots of Yummy Food!! Shopping List ideas!

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Shopping List Ideas!!!
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These are all the foods I picked up on my Grocery trip!!! Please leave comments if you have ANY questions at all!! See my other videos for Recipes, other Weight Watchers foods and to follow my weight loss journey!

Nectresse (sweetener made by Splenda but made from Monk Fruit) I love it!!! I use it in my coffee!
Keebler 100 calorie Packs I got from BJ’s! 3 Points per pack
Salsa – A free food!! Throw it on your veggies for a different flavor!!
EggBeaters – 6 Tablespoons is 1 point!! only 25 calories per serving!
Skinny Pop Popcorn – 1 point per cup – 39 calories per cup!!
Land O Lakes Half and Half – 1 Point for 2 Tablespoons
Weight Watchers Lasagna
Vitapizza by Vitalicious! Meatless pepperoni and Cheese Tomato – I found them at Giant Food
Kettlecorn made by “Popcorn Indiana” 3 Points per bag.. perfect if you want something sweet and saltly!!
Boca Meatless Sausage Links (2 points for 2 links)
Freeze a few servings of your grapes!! It takes longer to eat them and they taste a little sweeter!!


  1. this was the 1st time that i had watched your grocery hauls from last year. i saw the sara lee 45 calorie bread, i was wondering if you had ever tried the ezekial bread. if you have what are the points on it. i don't remember seeing it on any of your recent videos.

  2. Let your viewers know that Vitalicious has a website and on there they give stores that sell their products even in Canada. You can also purchase off their website. That is so fabulous because I cannot get them where I live. Have a great day.

  3. Thank you so much for this video will be starting weight watchers in January my friend and I she's dobe it before its my first time so just to see whars in store for me knowing Youtube has everything I searched weight watchers and fell on you so glad I did!

  4. i want to start ww but i also have oral allergy syndrome and that a pollen allergy where i cant eat anything raw such as fruit and veggies. No it doesnt help with me eating heathly. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I eat close to 4000 calories of raw fruit (mostly fruit) and veggies including greens a day and am losing weight. Fruit will never make you fat. 🙂 Good luck in your journey! <3

  6. Great haul! Shame I can't get those pizzas, I live in the UK but would love to try them! The only vegetarian pepperoni you can get over here is the Quorn one and it's nasty! Sometimes I am so tempted not to be veggie…..only sometimes though! x

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