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Hi Guys! Today we wanted to show you an all meal full days worth of meal prepping to inspire you to do it yourself! Thanks for watching!


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  1. hi so how do you spend less money doing meal prep.I want to do that but my boyfriend doesn't let bet get enough meats and vegetables and healthy snacks for me to even prep for the week. which means when I run out off food then its,right Pack to the bad unhealthy foods again so then I have to start over the next day or weekend with the diet to loose weight. my boy doesn't want to get rid of all the bad food . and when we shop he doesn't want to get healthy food at all . I tell him what's in all the bad food he buys but he said he doesn't care. so when I try doing a diet and then there is bad food around and since doesn't let me get enough healthy food because he gets,all is bad food I end up running out of Healy and eating the bad food.

  2. Hi Nicole Colett. I love the video u made. Its 3:03 a.m. and I cant seem to wanna close my laptop after watching all yer videos for the first time tonight.lol. In this particular video, I noticed when u were discussing the pre workout veggies and protein u eat, I noticed the Whey protein powder. does a person who only lifts weights drink protein shakes? Or can anyone who works out drink it? I cant lift weights but have been wanting to buy this forever. Also, i saw one of these shaker bottles at Target last week and what is that red thing and what does it do that u added into the cup before u placed the lid on?

  3. Nicole and Kyle, great meal prep…..gonna give the cottage cheese a try…..never have had it that way. I know you work out and all and need the pre and post food…..do either of you ever feel like not eating something or if your feeling sick do you just skip that meal. Thanks for all the great tips….xoxo…Debbie

  4. These videos helped me so much to start my weight loss journey. Being obese (206 SW and 5'3") I didn't have a clue where or how to start, but after seeing your videos & taking in all the info – I started exactly a week ago (food prep & workouts – no supplements ) and just today I weighed in for my first week and I've lost 3.6 lbs! (CW 202.4lbs) thank you guys so much for helping me. I have a long journey ahead, but your videos inspire me & make me feel it's possibe. Such a great couple & real life tips make it so much easier for me to understand. Thanks again guys, keep up the good work!

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