Thoughts and Science about 10k Calories | 2nd 10k Calories Challenge in 10 Week

Welcome to my channel guys, thank you very much for your support, I really appreciate it! This is my 2nd time attempting to hit 10,000 calories in a day (I failed the first one at 9.3k kcal) and this time, I successfully hit more than 10000! Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the last part of my clips and didn’t manage to recover it.. Nonetheless, I also shared my thoughts and some brief scientific information about Excessive Calories Consumption, please enjoy the full video and lemme know what do you think!

How Much FATS Did I Gain From The Challenge?
Total Calories Consumed: 10600 calories (210p/1153c/574f)
TDEE/Maintenance Calories: 2600 calories
Thermic Effect of Foods: (7.9% x 25%) + (43.5% x 10%) + (48.7% x 10%) = 11.2% (or 16.61% if I calculate it boldly)
N.E.A.T.: 200 (Instead of 600, as I reckon myself don’t have relatively high metabolism rate)

2600kcal as Maintenance Calories Intake
8000 x 11.2% = 896kcal
200 (NEAT) x 8 (Changes per thousand) = 1600kcal
10600 – 2600 – 896 – 1600 = 5504 of Excessive Calories

Lastly, 1lbs of fats is made of 3500 calories and hence, 5504 calories is equal to 1.57lbs of fats. (Boldly, I gained about 1.2lbs only)

I’d love to defer the credits to
1) VitruvianPhysique

2) Jeff Nipard

Both of these sources have helped me a ton on understanding the knowledge and making of this video, thanks for watching, hopefully you guys DID gain something from this video!

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