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  1. i noticed that there are very few hills where you guys are in Australia. I guess you have to cycle a long distance to get an intense workout. Where I live, there are many, many steep inclines and after a three-hour ride, the benefits are quite substantial.

  2. shut the fuck up with your "you have to eat vegan to be healthy" bullshit. Freelee doesn't know shit about nutrition or how the body works. She is acting like she is some sort of body expert when she clearly doesn't know shit. This is the same bitch who said that if you are thin, but don't have a thigh gap then you are "fat skinny." Fucking idiot

  3. You're skinny fat;you have a lot of fat on your body and look skinny because you have no muscle development or muscle mass.  You're definitely not healthy.  Eat some lean meat and a bit of fat and lift some weights bitch!

  4. "eating well" makes me laugh. what she does is so unhealthy. the body needs different things and can't live from raw fruits and vegetables. people like her make me sick. she's judging people who look normal just because she thinks it's healthier to be underweight. such a bad role model

  5. OBSESSIVE RUBBISH !!! come on people , eating nothing but fruit can lead to serious health issues , proteins and fats ( saturated too ) play a huge role in keeping us healthy . When eaten sparingly and only with a few vegies , eg steak and leafy vegies ( no additional carbs ) they regenarate us , heal us and help us hormonally lose weight !

  6. Freelee, I don't run and cycle the way you do but I practice yoga almost daily for about 1-2 hours. It's my only physical activity and I am 5'3", a woman. How much calories do I need on a fruitarian diet?

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