The Raw Food Diet Gave me Wrinkles and How to Prevent Them

John from answers a viewers question on why she got wrinkles after eating a vegan raw food diet. In this episode John will share two important factors about eating a plant based raw food diet that you will want to embrace whether you want to avoid getting wrinkles or just want to eat as healthy as possible. After watching this episode you will also learn which methods of cooking are the worst and which two methods are the best,


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  • My recommendation would be to eat more vegetables than fruits. A lot of fruits are high in sugar, which damages collagen. Fat and protein are also essential. I think in standard diets people eat too much protein and not enough fat. Protein is essential, but no need to overdo it. Fat, however, is very very important as you mentioned. People drink a lot of water under the misguided notion that that will help hydrate the skin. Skin cells derive hydration from fat! not water! Finally, i have found that vegans and raw vegans are indiscriminate when it comes to sun exposure. That's a big cause of wrinkles as well.

  • That is not what I expected to hear! My skin has been so amazing since I cut the fat. Nuts and seeds not only demineralize my teeth, but they make my face strangely dry and oily at the same time, with lots of wrinkles. I eat only fruits, plus veg salads w mostly just lime or orange juice as dressing, sometimes avocado, and I look easily 10 yrs younger than I did w nuts and oils. I think veg oils are the worst, but I find nuts dehydrating and constipating, too, and I drink 6L/day.

  • Well lets be careful here, when you start a raw food diet even after a couple years the body can be in a state of
    tearing down and rebuilding and it depends too on how faithful to the diet you are , when some one starts a new
    raw diet plan they will for awhile look much worse than before but this will pass and then return again when another
    round of toxins are released into the blood stream . Eating raw fruits and veg should ultimately bring about a more
    youthful appearance as you are building a much better quality blood stream than before. And why does this guy
    never comb his hair and is that a lady's watch he's wearing.   

  • Maybe, it's the sugar in the fruits, and some sweet vegetables causing inflammation, in the skin, causing it to wrinkle.   All those good vitamins and minerals, you wouldn't think that.  I saw a commercial for bottled water, and a mom is saying how she wants whats best for her kids, blah blah blah, and so she gives them a certain bottled water. So wrong on so many levels. Hey John, read somewhere that if your trying to take care of your liver, not to eat seeds and nuts, I would think some seed and nuts are good for your liver, I mean better than meat or something like that.  You know John, I cook a lot  and I notice the stuff you breath in, while cooking, can't be too good for your lungs. I'm gonna get a new filter on the exhaust fan. John, what do you think about blackstrap  molasses,  raw apple cider vinegar, and the way people are drinking baking soda, thinking  it's good for them or a anti cancer, thing to do?  You have to watch out what you see being done on youtube sometimes, people telling you that it'll make you fell better, don't tell you all the information.  Can't be gullibull these days. John, thanks so much.


  • Overexposure to the sun is one of the main causes of wrinkles. It seems many raw vegans spend far too much time out in the sun. And yes, I have seen many of them prematurely aged. I have noticed this in the raw vegan movement over the past 7 years. Sorry, fruit and vegetables will not protect you from getting wrinkles if you're outside baking all day, everyday exercising, lying on the beach, gardening..whatever.. There is NO such thing as a safe, healthy tan. Really, We should all know this by now. Too much sun can cause sun damage (tans, sunburns, freckles) which leads to wrinkles and maybe even skin cancer.

    Also, coconut oil is NOT an acceptable sunscreen. If you don't want to use a "toxic" sunscreen, at least limit sun exposure and/or wear a hat, use a parasol, sunglasses or avoid the hottest part of the day.

  • Fat soluble Vitamin K2 deficiency is known to cause wrinkles. 

  • It's giving me wrinkles too.

  • That is the one thing that I notice about a lot of raw vegans. They wrinkle pre-maturely.

  • Thank you! Im glad I saw this video, its definitely helped me!

  • Great video. Thank you!

  • Avoid store bought almonds from California, even if they're raw!  The California almond growers are forced to treat the almonds with propylene oxide (PPO) which is believed may cause cancer, according to studies!  They're allowed by the government to not disclose the PPO treatment!

  • My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to burn up fat with "Xylphlike Fat Loss", but then they saw the results. Google "Xylphlike Fat Loss" to see their reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  • Im so confused as to how much fat to eat now. Should I be consuming 10% fat a day? I thought you were only to have like fats from say 1 avocado a week or a hanful of nuts a week…..? :s oh

  • Vitamin C builds collagen. Fruits, veggies, amla berry are loaded with vitamin C. Eating meat increases the risk of poor health and a number of diseases including high cholesterol ( the leading cause of heart disease), cancer, kidney stones, osteoporosis.
    Check out Tonya Zavasta, she has been raw vegan for many years, no wrinkles and looks much younger than her age..

  • What exactly is his doctorate in???

  • the 80/10/10 diet. It is low fat (less nuts, avocados, oils). Read "The 80/10/10 Diet" by Dr. Douglas Graham! 😀

  • Yeah that's a good answer John add some FAT to your face. Man you want to be lean and cut. If you are lean and cut you will have wrinkles especially when you smile or squint but that's a natural thing. Keep eating clean and keep hydrated.

  • that's why you also see some people look so young at age 45-50, cause fat doesnt wrinkle. tradeoffs

  • What system for water filtration do you have?

  • This raw foodist seems more sensible than most raw types. I have also noticed wrinkles on raw foodies, and is probably worse on the high fruit diet. I suspect that it is a lack of fat. Many look dangerously low in body fat. The very high quantities of fructose also are unhealthy I believe. The narrator looks more normal weight than most raw vegans I have seen on youtube.

  • You are the cutest sloth I ever saw lol.

  • People who look for reasons to attack you for what you're doing to improve your own health is nothing but their own attempt to explain to themselves why it's ok that they are not following a healthy path. They need to reassure themselves that you are the one who's on the wrong path. It's the same with everything in life, because like it or not, you are making a statement with your choices and if it doesn't fall in with mainstream, people will doubt you, so they don't need to doubt themselves!

  • It's true and really sad how fruits and veggies are nowadays. 🙁 As Dr. Graham says in his book, when people say that humans 'evolved' over time (by introducing cooked food), it's rather that we 'devolved', as we started eating less nutritious food. It would be really sad if in the attempt of trying to get back to basics and eat healthier, we'd actually end up lacking nutrition, due to the poor quality of veggies and fruits. 🙁

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