The Benefits Of A Vegan Diet ♥ Why I’m Vegan

Being vegan I get asked a lot of questions all the time. Why are you vegan? How do i transition into veganism? What on earth do you eat? Are you going to marry a carrot? etc etc. Hah. ♥ ♥

So I figured I could start doing some blogs about my vegan lifestyle to spread the love and hopefully inspire some people to see it can be easy and the benefits are not only for yourself… its something I feel incredibly passionate about and I now know is a lot simpler and easier than people would ever imagine.

The key for me to transition into a plant based lifestyle was when I realized it was not just about me. Sure, I get the health benefits and vitality but it was also the positive contribution to our planet and the lives of the many animals I was saving which solidified my commitment. For example, there is a stat that shows that by not consuming meat, I save 202 animals a year! How great is that..can you imagine if I could threw a party for them all 😉

On top of the planetary impact, I’ve also have found that a vegan diet allows me to not just drop pounds (I’ve lost 20 lbs since going vegan) but also keep them off. My cholesterol is super low, I’m full of energy, and I rarely ever feel sluggish like I have when I consumed meat.

If you are interested to find out more information about a vegan diet and lifestyle, feel free to comment below and ask any questions.

Some great documentaries that I’ve mentioned in the video can also be viewed through the links below. I highly recommend you guys watch at least a few of these to really educate yourself on how the food you eat impacts your body and the world.

The Ghosts In Our Machine♥


Food Inc♥



The Cove♥


Maximum Tolerated Dose♥

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Shot in Samara, Costa Rica.

Video Production- Mark Spicoluk


  • Can I please give you guys a tip? In very many videos you start talking but the music is so loud that I'm almost not able to hear it.. Please tune down the music when speaking 😀

  • yesterday me and my husband made a decision to become vegan.

  • Love it! Veggie burgers with the ingredients visible are the best by faaar! 😊

  • Hi Bohos! I am going vegan and I have a really big problem with my iron levels. What do you do to get that necessary iron?

  • i've been vegan for about one and a half years now (i ate 'conventionally' (?) for a year or so, after being vegetarian for around 5 years ) and never felt better. When I was vegetarian, I didn't wholeheartedly do it for my health, animals or the planet because i suffered from a eating disorder.
    Since I eat completely plant based I haven't had the flue or been sick like I just to. Twice a year i would get the flue and even considered getting a vaccination. But now i take better care of my body and most importantly my mind. I have my setbacks every now and then but thats okay. I try to do your workouts and/or meditations almost every day. I really want you to know, that you help me so much and I want to thank you for that ♡ PS: I really love that you don't try to pressure your viewers into veganism 😀

  • I ❤️️🐷🐢🐋🐬🐍🐟🐳🐊🐆🐅🐃🐂🦀🐘🐄🐐🐏🐀🐎🐖🐁🐓🦃🕊🐕🐩🐈🐇🐿🐲🐉

  • Being vegan is beautiful.

  • i could hear you talk forever 😀

  • I'm a vegan and the animal part brought tears to my eyes :'(

  • Im also concerned about the globe. Eating meat even fish now is unsustainable. I was a vegy for 3 years never Vegan. But I just came off a 14 day juice fast so Im inspired by your videos to try it. Keep posting recipes. I started eating meat last time when I moved to LA and was selling yachts and drinking a fair about of alcohol which I don't anymore, Will see if I can get all the way over to vegan. Thanks for your work.

  • Wild! I stayed at that same place in samara! Pretty bummed I didn't eat at peace burger. Had no idea it was vegan 😭

  • Are you going to marry a carrot??!Hehe loved the description for this vid.

  • love ur video's. . n I totally agree with u

  • I am hooked on your video's, keep them coming. I am a recovering alcoholic and finding peace within myself with your video's. I was once a yogi, ate healthy etc but an addiction took over my life. I slowly but surely getting back into the groove of things and you are helping a great deal. Thank you and blessings

  • I just wondered do you still live in Toronto or Costa Rica now? 🙂 seems like you spend a lot of time there, it looks so beautiful! Love your videos, you and your partner are great inspirations xxx

  • Your voice is so soothing :3 thank you for all your amazing videos! <3

  • #1 Big Lie. Plant based diet is worse than healthy diet with meat. Organism must synthetise a lot of substances unavailable in vegan food. And worse at least cyanocobalamin is not contained in plant based diet at all, there's no vegetable source.
    #2 Big Lie. Vegans will not save Earth. The biggest problem is population growth in Africa and Asia. Meat consumption is marginal problem compared with population growth.
    #3 Big Lie. Farm animal will not exists, if there will be no meat production.

  • Excellent work! subscribe back we're in this youtube life together! 🙂

  • HI @boho BeAutiful ! <3 You are able to explain very different things in a incredible easy way. Thanks for supporting a VEGAN diet. I'm gonna ask you: did you "abandoned" your city life to life travelling?

  • i watched veducated after watching this, i cried. TWICE. I really want to go vegan but my dad and stepmom dont support me. Im already vegetarian and they dont support that, my mom and stepdad and sister who is vegetarian support me. How do i convince my stepmom and dad to support me? They think they know what happens because my dad is a plumber and has plumbed farms but he dosent realize. He thinks cows produce milk after they had their child for years and dont have to be artificially inseminated

  • Enjoyed your split yoga vid a couple times, and now discovering your compassionate lifestyle, I'm a real fan!
    Keep up the good work

  • are you still vegan? can you do a what you eat in a day type of video? still learning vegan..

  • I must have watched all your videos by now and I just discovered you a couple of weeks ago. i have done your yoga, meditation and pilates . I am so inspired! Thank you so much!! veganism is my next step.

  • Lovely channel! Wish you all the best! You are great!

  • omg just learned that your vegan!!didn't even know! i am also,, lovee you even moree!

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