Full Day of Eating – Diet changed dramatically – 6 weeks out

Alright.. Another full day of eating, my diet has changed a lot 😛 I have been plateauing on 88.8kg so it’s a good time to lower my calories. I don’t change my meals at all, i eat the same meals everyday. There for i don’t measure everything, i am consistent with my food. As you can see in the video

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Faithful Workouts Fitness Video: Give me 10 minutes!

You have to give this workout a try. It is unlike any exercise program you have done in the past. Faithful Workouts Fitness Videos are so inspirational you will actually be excited to workout. If you like this video check out www.faithfulworkouts.com/workouts and try our f4 Plan for FREE. Faithful Workouts offer 150+ exercise videos, an online cookbook, weekly menu

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Гречневая диета для похудения. Сколько можно скинуть килограм на гречневой диете?

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