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Grab your Bullet Proof Coffee! I’m sharing some opinions today! Why I think I’ve had success with Keto and how to truthfully love people.

*Disclaimer* I know there are some illnesses that REQUIRE medication for health and survival. I am not speaking on those. I am speaking on the over medicated state of our society.

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  • Great job! Great video. There is nothing wrong with being honest. And you're right, people need to hold themselves accountable for their own actions.

  • Will it kick me out of ketosis low carb tortillas please

  • You don't sugarcoat which is good but you sure seem to be a sweet genuine person who cares about others. I think you handled a difficult situation very gracefully and eloquently. Good job!

  • Honey, you weren't even close to being rude! Very well said. Glad I found you. Good luck 🙂

  • I think there's way too much sugar coating going on these days. Thank you for being honest 💖

  • great video….i've tried to talk to another "keto" dieter on you tube who has a major disease process on top of being obese who obviously has NOT lost any weight after months of "keto"….. & when I point out to her she is way over eating protein & fat she attacks & defends her eating habits.????
    .sorry but I am a nurse & the truth hurts sometimes. i will not placate but I use kind phrases to reduce the "you are doing it wrong" context of my sentence. nope that doesnt work either.
    good 4 you girlfriend!!! the truth will truly set you free!!!

  • And one other thing to share… I think people play with net carbs too much and are surprised they are not losing weight. There is very little evidence that subtracting out the fiber and sugar alcohols should be done. I just heard this meme yesterday from GoKetoWithCasey… Don't blame keto for what the net carbs did!

  • Wow! Great message! Please keep being real, we all need to have these conversations to get real with ourselves. Thanks!

  • I feel the exact same way you do about people getting upset with you

  • You're 100% right on all angles.

    Also, being fat is normal these days, and we live in an environment where sugar is everywhere and losing weight takes rejecting that, which requires willpower, a vision, and a plan. Most people don't have the benefit of hearing about keto or any other diet that actually works… just ads for fad diets in magazines and on tv all day.

    I can see why a doctor would rather throw a pill or a surgery at it or just ignore it… even though a large percentage of the problems they get to deal with are a result of bad eating. That is why people in the know gotta fight the good fight and educate others.

    Keep the videos coming. Can't wait to see what you look like at the end of your weight loss journey.

  • What you said is so true!

  • While I agree with you on the subject of personal responsibility, I think it is only approppriate to suggest weight loss or a plan or help with losing weight to someone if they are asking for your help. When you were at your heaviest, I bet you knew you were heavy, and you knew you needed to lose weight. You didn't need to have someone tell you that. And when you were ready and needed help or information, you went looking and you found it.
    You needed to make the choice and that's the biggest reason you were able to motivate yourself and take responsibiliy for your actions. You can's help someone who doesn't want to be helped. And the other side of that same coin is that people will do things when they are ready.
    The reason people watch and like your videos is because they like you and they are looking for support, motivation, information, etc. But before they went searching for "keto" on youtube, they had to be ready. Everyone is ready at their own time and for their own reasons.
    It might be a doctor's job to help you be healthy, but they can't live your life for you. And if you've never gotten a "lose weight" lecture form your doctor, I'm pretty sure you're in the minority. Most people get pretty sick and tired of that lecture.

  • Food addiction is very real, great video! When will you do another "will it kick me out of ketosis" video?? I looooove when you do those! I'd like you to test Elevation low carb bars from Aldi's. Thanks for all you do 😊

  • Amen sister. Thank you for that frank discussion. I have had 3 miscarriages so I do know your pain. It is real and it never goes away but it can get better. Take care of your health and enjoy your life.

  • Thankyou! I get so frustrated when people say "don't say anything negative ". There are to many that have shark week every week, or a birthday, or a wedding or a yada yada. To just say "don't worry it's ok, try next time " doesn't help. Yes , if you screw up get back on track, but when you whine over and over how bummed you are STOP DOING IT. For one thing on keto it's not good to go off sugar go back on and off again etc. Help people be real.
    Excuses help no one. But don't give up.

  • I love you! Great video, great message and you spoke so eloquently ❤️❤️❤️

  • I have been on Keto now 5 weeks..13.4 pounds…..8 .5 inches….The last couple of weeks I have lost same amount is 1.6 pounds…..I am 52 years old going through menopause so I know it is great that I am losing weight…..but it is hard to not discouraged…..Last week…I did eat some Russel Stover Sugar Free candy….which was within my carbs after subtracting the sugar alcohols….I know I am a stress eater and addicted to sugar …But the Russel Stover candy is all the candy i have had and I have had no diet sodas…only BPC and water!! I have been told so many different things about how much protein and fat ratio I should be eating…..I am 5'1" …..Can you give me your opinion on the amount of protein an fat ratio I should be doing? Should I be losing weight faster?

  • Ev

    I am in total agreement, personal responsibility is the key to so many things.I believe in telling people the truth and in taking responsibility for ourselves. You are not alone in your beliefs, or in the pain you felt in your loss. I too lost a baby and I still think about my baby now, 24 years later. I love this video and I super love your little kimono/shawl, you look beautiful. I really appreciate your videos and I appreciate every single time you've responded back to me. God Bless Kayla. You're doing great.

  • Love it !Your videos help a lot ill never blame you for my cheats lol keep making videos

  • I literally shot this very video. It's great to hear someone else say this. Thanks so much for doing this video.

  • Sweetie don't be sorry for keeping it real. The truth does hurt when it applies to you. But telling someone a lie to keep them happy is harming them more.

  • My truth to you is i love you so much, you are my fav. Keto girl and i wish i could hear you each and every day. I think it is wonderful that you said this because i know a lot of us think it. I have been obese my whole life and i am losing on keto slowly but i am losing and i am down 15 pounds now but it has taken me 8 weeks and it's funny i truly think there are people waiting for me to fail or go off of it which i am not going to do i love keto. I also have people say, "well you are going to get sick" or well "my doctor says i can't go on keto" well ok that may be but i have a TON of things going against me for weight loss and i am doing it, it can be done and i needed to take accountability for my actions and decisions and when i did good things started to happen. I think this video was very tastefully done and i think it is great you spoke up about it. Love all of your videos and love you … big hugssss

  • So glad I found your channel! Very informative. I just started keto last week and your videos are great! Love your accent as well 🙂

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