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Spicy Crispy Un-Fried Chicken Breasts – Crunchy BBQ Chicken

Some super awesome Spicy Crispy BBQ Un-Fried Chicken Breasts, that taste AMAZING, have super crunch, and go incredibly well with my low calorie diet!!! Whoever woulda thought you could make fried chicken without frying it… I guarantee you’ll love this spicy crispy chicken recipe with the first bite.

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Here’s the link to my inspiration for this video from Larry over at the Wolfe Pit, ya’ll go check him out.

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  1. ive been longing to see this one brother, that was awesome, also watched how to debone and it looked fairly ok , was it ??
    you couldve used a piping bag to fill those peppers dude, but thats a killer dish !

  2. Cheers, Mon!
    Awesome you got the skin on confused with the skinless, but it sure did look as you first thought on my monitor, I believe that trick would have fooled Penn and Teller as well! 😉
    yeah, Larry is a good cook and he's not afraid to show it. He comes up with stuff that will suit most anyone's budget or palate!

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  3. I'll give two thumbs up on that dish 👍👍 one for each piece! I do a similar thing in the oven with bread crumbs. Haven't made it in years but now may be the time! Great video Chad!

  4. This is an excellent recipe you borrowed from Larry! I love how you coated the chicken first with egg and spices, then coated it with the cornmeal. MMM! You (and Larry) proved very clearly that you don't have to fry chicken to enjoy delicious fried chicken! Great job!

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