Scientists Develop Rice Cooking Technique That Cuts Calories Significantly

Scientists have figured out a way to diminish the caloric content of rice, and it involves a cooking technique that’s simple enough to do at home.

Rice is a staple in many places around the world, but given its content of both starch and calories, it’s not necessarily a healthy one. 

Scientists from Sri Lanka have figured out a way to lessen the weight gain-inducing effects of the popular grain, and it involves a cooking technique that’s simple enough to do at home. 

That trick is, explained one of the researchers, “… when the water is boiling, before adding the raw rice, we added coconut oil—about 3 percent of the weight of the rice you’re going to cook. After it was ready, we let it cool in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. That’s it.” 

Why it works is a matter of how the approach switches up the composition of the grain. 

When prepared conventionally, rice is primarily made up of starches that are easily digestible and thus quickly transformed into glucose then glycogen and ultimately fat. 
The scientists’ preparation method turns part of that starch into matter the body can’t process, thus diminishing its undesirable effects. 

By how much varies based on the type of the grain used, but caloric reductions could be as high as 60 percent.


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