Reddie Review #4: Mountain House Beef Stroganoff w/ Noodle & Ice Cream Sandwich

The Mountain House Beef Stroganoff is definitely delicious and a 5 Star Reddie Product! Now I recommend this for just REGULAR use. Men if you have a dinner date setup and you need a quick meal, here you go! I can promise you, your date will be satisfied. This is a must buy NOW, trust me on this one. Please click the links below it helps to support the channel .

Mountain House Beef Stroganoff:
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Mountain House Classic Bucket:

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Fred Water:
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  • Maybe you shouldn't review foods. Maybe that's real meat, It's not real meat. I mean American to review products check out the ingredients first. If you're not sure don't say there's real meat in it.

  • And please quit smacking your lips while you chew it's disgusting!!!!!! I mean really listen to your review watch your video and turn of the volume and see how your mouth sounds eating food.

  • Did you look at the ingredients on the back of the package of the beef stroganoff and ice cream sandwich?? Oh my god. It's horrible everything that can make total havoc to your body is in that. There's other food companies that have a better quality organic or just regular ingredients like my patriot supply Company that has better quality ingredients in them. You see this company and companies like these have and imitation ingredients and them so you're tasting something that is mostly all chemicals that make you think that you're tasting food. Check it out don't take my word for it. So if you're going to review products. Please do a thorough review not just your taste buds. His after 30 days of eating this kind of crappy food, you're going to start to feel like crap yourself. And might I suggest getting some vitamins to go along with this. You're going to need it.

  • No problem bro. Ya dont really need alot of water for the ice cream bar. Not like the meals. It'll be a great morale booster.

  • Them ice cream sandwiches are kinda expensive though

  • If ya add water to the ive cream bar it softens up and is way easier to eat and actually tastes like an ice cream sandwich

  • thank you for another good video, peace

  • I was at Walmart today and picked up Mountain House Meat Lasagna for $3 each (dated Aug 2014). I picked up some other varieties too. That ice cream sandwich looks good.

  • Nice video and you're 100 percent right don't need no salt with a mountain House meals they got plenty of their own thanks for sharing.

  • Are you prepared to survive for 7 days without power?  If so, share your food preps, I'm always trying to learn more. 

  • Pittsburgh needs more people like you.

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