P90X3 HCLF Vegan Vlog Day 25: My Health Care Bill / Pilates X

Konnichiwa こんにちは、my name is Zac. One time, I got really fat. But now, I’m very close to losing 200 pounds. Follow me as I vlog about how I am able to keep off nearly 200 pounds on my High Carb Low Fat (HCLF) Vegan Diet.

My goal is to help and inspire others making similar lifestyle changes. I especially want to help those who are extremely obese.

Email: ZaC@findingZaC.com
Twitter: @FnDNGZaC

Song: XIV by Chaotrope:

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  • Have your ever heard of banana island? Hmm pepermint and bannana i never thought of that. And yeah most people and places always have to add damn cheese to salad or eggs! Your wife dinner looks good. And that's right and at home you can have left overs so makes it even better. I don't do twitter had it a few times and always end up deleteing it. And that's right if your happy and feel good don't focus on a number. Your doing great and your continuing with making your self better and that's the main thing.

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