New Food for 800 Calorie HCG Diet in Miami

{New|Brand new|Fresh|Brand-new|Completely new|Innovative} {800|eight hundred} {calorie|caloric} Miami {HCG diet|Hcg diet plan|Hcg diet protocol|Hcg weight loss plan|Hcg weight loss} is based on Miami endocrinologist and {weight loss|weight-loss|fat reduction} {specialist|professional|expert|specialized} {Dr|Doctor|Dr .} Richard Lipman’s upadate of the {original|initial|first} HCG diet.{Dr|Doctor|Dr .} Lipman {has|offers|provides|features} {added|additional|extra} {6|six} {new|brand new|fresh|completely new} breakfast {choices|options|alternatives|selections}, {20|twenty|something like 20} {snacks|treats|snack foods}, {low carb|reduced carb|low carbohydrate|reduced carbohydrate} wraps {and|as well as} {many|numerous|several|a lot of} {low|reduced|lower|very low} {calorie|caloric}, {high|higher} protein, {low|reduced|lower|minimal} {sugar|carbohydrates} {shakes|smoothies|drinks} and bars. This {adds|provides} {variety|assortment|wide variety} Download free HCG food Menus for 2014 at


  • This video has great advice, but I'm confused about the best diet plan that I should work with, only because I have never used any. Anybody tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I've noticed some people talk about incredible things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  • I been doing the 800 cal diet and it works the same as the 500 cal which i have also done. This one is alot easier to stick to. Back in 50s alot this other foods were not available yet. ….

  • Um no offense but what happened to stevia as the only sweetener? Diet coke and sugar free popsicles have NutraSweet and other sweetener's that are bad for the body…. and can actually make you MORE hungry. And wraps for dinner IS carbs… I think you are missing the point of HCG and making it too similar to other diets that make use of "sugar free 0 calorie" processed food stuffs…

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