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LOW FAT Paneer Pakora Recipe – Healthy Indian snacks – BeerBiceps HEALTHY Vegetarian

Today I bring you another video from my series on HIGH PROTEIN VEGETARIAN RECIPES ! Healthy Indian snacks have never been healthier! I bring you the low fat and GRILLED paneer pakora !

Ingredients :-
2)Sweet Potato (Taken Potato here)/Rataaloo
3)Ginger-Chilly paste / Adrak-Mirchi Paste
5)Corn Starch/flour/maida
8)Dil khush karne ki chaahat ๐Ÿ™‚

Whether you’re the average Indian trying to lose weight OR a vegetarian bodybuilding diet hunter, this paneer recipe is exactly WHAT YOU NEED. Remember weight loss is is proportional to muscle mass. And muscle mass is proportional to protein intake. This high protein and LOW FAT Paneer recipe is EXACTLY what your diet needs. What makes it better is that this recipe is jazzed up with all that Indian flavour. And did I mention? This entire recipe is HINDU fasting friendly! In fact, i feel its your healthiest HINDU FASTING FOOD OPTION. So who says Tuesdays and Thursdays are problems for your average Hindu lifter?

This paneer pakora is also a great start to my non fried indian snacks series. Stay tuned.
And above all, i’ve always maintained that INDIAN food is the HEALTHIEST kind of food. And if you’re a healthy INDIAN who needs veg protein in his diet for bodybuilding, you should embrace HEALTHY INDIAN FOOD. Indian recipes for weight loss are the tastiest and most fun to cook up in my opinion. And a healthy indian snack like this? AWWWWW YEAHHHHH

So enjoy my high protein healthy paneer recipes for bodybuilding and fat loss . Again, by bodybuilding, I don’t mean bulky bodybuilder bodies, I mean LEAN MUSCLE MASS. Vegetarians in our country struggle to match even their basic daily protein requirements. I’ve spoken about that in my other vegetarian bodybuilding videos which you can check out here :

This also sets you on a healthy vegetarian school lunch ideas thought trajectory.


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  1. heyy hii, can you please tell me the exact name of that decive you used for baking those pakoras?? Here in UK I have a proper oven but I dont want to miss out on any healthy recipe, I get to make here, when I am in India…So plzz tell me what that? I will search for it online before going to India ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hello dear thks a lot 4 such useful videos..i always check out all ur video's. .and want to ask something to u hope u will reply.As i am vegetarian so i m very confused in my pre workout meal .even eggs is nt allow in my home.will u share any of simple and easy veg pre workout recipe my frd.

  3. Hey, Ranveer! Can I fry this thing on the pan? Like one of those chicken breast recipe of yours? I don't have an, oven, but I do have a microwave. And high calories is not much of my concern. Thanks for this recipe. Kudos, bro!

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