Low Carb Pecan Pie – Keto Glutenfree and Sugarfree

Managed to make Keto Pecan Pie, Paleo and Low Carb it has only 4g carbs per slice! Gluten and Sugar Free of course and still as tasty! Requires some molasses flavouring but here you can find all ingredients and links! if you like my content please consider supporting my channel via Patreon 🙂

180g nut meal (my almond one
50g powdered sweetener (I used simple old school erythritol just powdered to icing sugar texture with a blender)
1tsp baking powder (I get mine in bulk here
60g coconut oil / butter (I went for the unflavoured Royal Green coconut oil as it’s the cheapest I can find and does not influence final flavour with coconut notes)
1 large egg

100g powdered sweetener (i still used the pulverised erythritol
150g zero calorie maple syrup (I get mine at Bulk Powders but Walden Farms makes a very tasty one too)
120ml coconut oil / butter (Royal green again in my case
3 large eggs
30ml Double Cream
15g nut meal (same as used for the crust or you can go specifically Pecan here to enhance flavour)
5 drops of Molasses flavouring (I found this on amazon and seems to be the only one that’s just flavouring and does not actually contain molasses / black treacle, as it’s a lot of carbs and would prevent the pie to be keto-legal)
300g Pecan nuts

Utensils I used
Flan Dish
Silicone Spatula
Hand Mixer

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