Keys to gain weight and promote growth in toddlers – Dr. G R Subhash K Reddy

There is lot of social issues in promoting the healthy eating habits of the child. Upto 1 year you feel that the gain is pronounced and the weight gain is very fast. If a child attains 10 kgs by 1 year and after 1- 3 years the weight gain is very slow and very low. If by 1st birthday, the weight is 10kgs and by 3rd birthday weight is 11 or 12kgs, in this case what happens is physical growth is very less, the mental growth is more. The child starts handling the remote, the mobile, wants to play is very difficult to catch the child between 1 – 3 because his inquisitive, he wants to move to every corner of the house. So you feel really tired feeding the child, but it us the same with every family. One feed may take about 1 to 2 hours, but you have to do it. Don’t get impatient. This is the same with every child. If you want your child to eat more, then go in a group gathering where he will see one another and start eating more. If your child is eating less, its okay, give him nutritious food. Start with something small like an egg. Start with the egg white. The energy given with egg white is very high and also give him some dry fruits, add some ghee. This is how you improve the calorie values. After 3 years the weight gain is great. So don’t get depressed. This is the way it is, so move forward.


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