How To Marinade Chicken Piri Piri Keto Style – MUST TRY – Low Carb Sandra

This is day 8 of my low carb 800 cals a day Blood Sugar Diet. As I’m keeping my carbs around the 20g mark I’m also doing a ketogenic diet as well.

This is the beginning of my 8 weeks 800 calories a day low carb ketogenic journey.
I weighed 111kg 16th March 2017
I weighed 102kg 28th April 2017
I now weigh 99.9kg 18th May 2017
FBS reading 11.6 mmol 10/05/17
FBS reading 5.0 mmol 17th/05/17
Mobility knee issues but doing physio massage and chair Aerobics.

The Blood Sugar Diet website

My Chairobics Walk Routine

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