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How to make enchiladas sauce♥Chili Guajillo Sauce♥Real Mexican Food♥Salsa for Enchiladas

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Healthy Mexican Food
Real mexican chilli, well known as chile colorado, learn this easy recipe to have a great mexican salsa that can be use to make enchiladas, chilaquiles, pozoles and all kind of mexican food.


  1. Your sauce looks amazing! One question, how can I make a enchilada sauce with poblano peppers? The sauce I had, was made from roasted poblano peppers, do you have any recipes for that..or suggestions? I do love myself a great red sauce, but also a verde sauce just as much! BTW, I love love love your channel!

  2. It would be so much easier for your viewers like me if you added the full recipe on here.  This way we can copy and paste instead of watching the video and writing down the ingredients and going back and forth to get the full recipe.  Thanks.  

  3. Ingridients: chile guajillo or chile california (same type) cumin (powder), garlic, salt. Once you salsa its ready simmer, once it starts boiling lower flame to low, let it boil for couple more minutes and boila its ready to use 😉

  4. Quick question Laura, once you make sauce and heat it up for enchiladas, how long do you heat it in the pot for before it is ready to eat?  Do you need to simmer it for a while before pouring it on enchiladas?  Thanks!

  5. Thank you for the delicious recipe Laura!  I usually make enchiladas with chili powder but this recipe is much more healthier and easy to make!  You made it look so simple and you are a great cooking instructor!

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