How to Get Protein in a Raw Food Diet – Low Calorie Recipes

How to Get Protein in a Raw Food Diet – Low Calorie Recipes

Meats and dairy products are the most common food sources of protein. However, they don’t do you much good if you are switching to a raw food diet. Fortunately, the number of raw food sources of protein may surprise you, and getting enough in your new diet is a snap.


The first way:
Sprout beans and seeds, possibly the best way to get a rich source of protein on a raw food diet. Lentil, garbanzo, black beans, mung beans, sunflower seeds are easy to sprout and add to just about any raw food recipes.

The second way:
Eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables such as chard, broccoli, romaine lettuce and spinach, as well as oil-rich fruits such as coconut and avocado.

The third way:
Add nuts to your meals as a fantastic source of protein and healthy fats. Use nuts to make cheese alternatives, desserts, sprinkle on salads or eat as is for a healthy snack.

The fourth way:
Prepare your foods with nutritional yeast, a delicious powder with a cheesy flavor that is full of protein, B vitamins and amino acids. Add nutritional yeast to salad dressings, stir into raw soups or use as a seasoning for your favorite recipes.

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