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Homemade Dog Food – So Easy and So Good for your dogs

Easy recipe for cooking a HEALTHY chicken, lamb, and veggie stew for your beloved dogs. We’ve been doing this for YEARS and it really makes a difference. Try it today. Adapted from recipes in the book “The Whole Pet Diet” by Andi Brown


  1. Quick and easy to the point for those who are willing to spend a bit time preparing this wholesome delicacy ! Great ! I live in UK and I was searching for answers for top quality dog dry food for convenience, but this is very helpful to me. Plenty of videos on YouTube, but oh my this is one of the quickest great advice I have come across with! Thaaaaaanks!

  2. Thank you so much, My 12 year old dog has food issues and I am very picky as to what I give him, he is a small dog with almost no teeth and yeast problems. I am going to give this a try.

  3. I'd like to try this…..my dog isn't eatting her dog food! I've tried different brands. She likes boiled chicken….and I think I wanna some veggies. I don't know what else to do, I want her to eat. I want her healthy….and good weight.

  4. Thehelpfuldad  I wonder why you don't like rice?  I use Organic Brown rice and other grains.  Also a lot of dogs have bladder stones and adding cucumber to this would help dissolve them.

  5. you do need to cook the meat dogs can get samonella just like humans also you should never feed your dog chicken bogs period foesnt matter how they are cooked smh…

  6. I'm going to try this for sure… Our dogs deserve the best like us. One question: how much food should I give to my dog? Any idea? My dog weights about 10 pounds … Muchas gracias. Greeting all the way from Mexico

  7. First time finding this. Super helpful! I am in the process of doing something like this myself. I am just unsure of the amount to feed them. This is ,y first time and am forced to make it due to their special diet food won't be delivered in time. Anyways…thanks again!!

  8. Was right on board until the chicken.  My Pom can't eat or rice or grains rice of any type even corn.  Chicken, potatoes, you name it Misses can't eat it.  I heard garlic and seasoning was bad, but, the food seems so bland and she won't touch it.  However, if I put a pinch of all spice with no salts, she licks the bowl clean. One more thing, if it is raw she isn't touching it. I do not want to put one of those collars on her, but, we are getting to that point. She looks like a sick fox with no hair from the itching.  Any ideas?

  9. Anyone new to raw needs to realize that there is not perfect "recipe" feed a whole variety of meats and bone/ organs. It doesn't need to be balanced every meal, just make sure they over time, the dog gets around 80% meat 10% raw bone and 10% organ(liver should be 5% of organ content). Don't need to be exact, that's just what you should try to aim for. Add raw eggs sometimes but don't even bother with the shell as the dog will get calcium from bones.

  10. Look up Darwin's raw food, this is the best decision I have ever made, they have done all the work for you, my dog just consistently loves this food, and they put all the vitamins and vegetables that your dog needs, have duck, beef, chicken, and turkey, you give them a variety, which is what this company provides you with. So the reality is anyone that sais they "LOVE" there dog and are feeding them kibbles are in reality killing there dogs, not nice to say but it's the truth. Look up Karon Becker on YouTube, when you listen to this lady, you will understand why raw food is the only way to go if you TRULY LOVE YOUR DOG.

  11. thanks, i feel sooo much better knowing that i can cook for my new puppy (7 months-Maltese) vegetables and no have to feed him God knows whats in store bought food:( Will try your recipe

  12. How is sassy today? I once heard ready made dog food contains so much toxic it takes up to 8 years off your dogs life. Have you fed them nothing but this/homemade? What's the eldest your previous homered dogs have reached?

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