Healthy Tomato Salad Recipe | Low Calorie + Easy to Mod

The full recipe and estimated caloric information below. This recipe makes ~8c in total and is approximately 55 kcal / 1cup.

3-4 cups cherry tomatoes, washed
15 (425 g) mini sweet peppers, washed
1/2 – 2/3 medium (55-85g) red onion, raw, skin removed
1 tbs olive oil, lemon infused
2 tbs lemon juice, or juice of one fresh lemon (to taste, zest increases lemon flavor as well)
1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper
1/4 tsp salt of your choice (to taste)
1/4 tsp garlic powder
56g (1/2c) fat free feta
Italian herbs, to taste (1 tsp paste, or fresh basil and thyme to taste; dried herbs give a much more pungent flavor)

Dried red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper to taste
sriracha (add 15kcal/Tbs)
1 cup arugula, you then coarsely chop and mix in. It adds a nice peppery flavor and beautiful green color with only ~ 5kcals

VEGAN: omit the cheese. I like to add 1/4c whole, shelled pistachios, that I then rough chop to give a bit of a crunch to the salad.

4 oz chicken breast (skinless, boneless, raw weight). Grilling gives added flavor to the meat, and

I scoop 1-2 cups of this salad and pour over 2 cups of mixed greens. The salad creates it’s own low calorie dressing, and the pre-prepped veggies make this an easy modification to fill out those that need a bit more bulk per meal. This is an easy way to add volume, without a lot of extra calories!

First attempt at voice over and filming myself prepping meals, so stick with me as I learn the best way to do this! Also, I typically weigh weigh out the ingredients, so expect more specific ingredient information on future recipes.


  • I'll definitely have to try this sometime, it has everything I like to eat.

  • Oh man, I will try this in the summer when I have cherry tomatoes and basil from the garden. I actually have a vegan cashew replacement for feta – it's from a Greek salad recipe in Isa Does It – and I bet it would be perfect in this!

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