Healthy Foods – How To Stir Fry Like A Pro – Healthy Foods Series

Healthy Foods – How To Stir Fry Like A Pro – Healthy Foods Series

Now, who doesn’t like a good stir fry. In today’s Healthy Foods Series, we will be covering the basics for Stir Fry. The standard technique behind stir frying and how to prepare steak for stir frying. A super fast, really healthy was to eat clean and quick.

First start by prepping all of your ingredients which will consist of veggies and a protein of your choice. Season and tenderize you protein/meat. Make stir fry sauce with soy sauce, rice vinegar, corn starch and water. Stir it well. Next then toss meat in the some corn starch.

Bring wok to high heat and then add oil. First start with the meat. Cook the meat until it golden, then you can set the meat aside. Add more oil and then the aromatics. Stir fry with salt and pepper to taste. Important, now you start cooking your veggies in order of what takes longest to cook first. There is a great chart over at

Which will show you the correct times for cooking vegetables. Stir Fry until the veggies are almost done and then return the meat to to Wok and make a donut hole in the middle. Now give your stir fry sauce another stir and then pour it into the middle of the donut hole. When the sauce has darkened and bubbles, toss it all through the rest of the stir fry. Finish with an acid like a fresh lemon or lime.

Remember that life is too wonderful and brilliant to let it get you down. Live life fully, love unconditionally and strive for your own perfection!

Please take a moment to head over to to find wonderful easy and smart ways to live a healthier lifestyle while focusing on eating a well-balanced diet. Jess Dang and her crew do wonderful things over at that website. So they deftly have my endorsement when it comes to keeping things simple and easy while trying to get back on the right track are just trying to maintain a good healthy lifestyle.

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This video features “How to stir-fry” ( by Cook smarts which is licensed under CC BY

This video features “How to slice steak for sautes and stir-fries” ( by Cook smarts which is licensed under CC BY

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