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Healthy Asian Spiralizer Salad

I am a kitchen gadget addict! In this recipe, I use a spiralizer. It’s a fun little gadget which turns vegetables into interesting shapes & textures. Get the recipe:

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  1. I too am a kitchen gadget addict however I don't YET have a Spiralizer, so i just used my food processor to slice the veggies and it worked great. It was a lovely salad!

  2. Mmm, looks yummy. I have a spiralizer that is much simpler in design, something like a pencil sharpener, but more work than yours. I use it to make zucchini noodles for super lo-cal "pasta" dishes. Also great for sweet potatoes that fry up quickly.

  3. Hey Donal, 
    Can you tell me where you got those mixing hands. Those Do NOT look like Bear claw utensils like i read somewhere. I am really looking forward to buying them.
    P.S. I am also a kitchen utensil collector. ;-p

  4. I will give you some other way to make your salad so much more better.  
    +Try green papaya instead of cucumber 
    +After you cut carrot and papaya, mix it with salt first and wait for about 20'. After that, you wash it, wash it clean and take all the water out, squeeze it and mix it with your dressing and ingredient. It will taste more crunchy, 
    +let's it observe for about 10-15m (sorry, i don't know exactly the word) before you serve. 

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