Breastfeeding On Fruit: My Calories, Fat Intake & Milk Supply

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I have now been breastfeeding on a raw food diet for just over 10 months. Recently, I received a question about my caloric intake and fat intake on a raw vegan diet.

Breastfeeding moms require around 500 extra calories per day, however this amount will vary on a day-to-day basis.

If you baby goes through a growth spurt, then you will find yourself needing more calories.

There is a common belief that low-fat diets are not suitable for breastfeeding.

Indeed, the 90/5/5 (no overt fat) diet is not suitable during breastfeeding at all. In fact, it is natural to desire fats and have fats in your raw food diet as you are breastfeeding, especially during the 1st year of your child’s development.

On the other hand, eating too much fat is not healthy either. So there is a balance to strive towards with regards to eating the right amount of fat to meet you and your baby’s needs.

Personally, my fat percentage on a high-carb raw food diet varies and I consume around 10-15% daily.

My latest video will talk more about my calories, fats and whether your breast milk supply can be affected when you eat less fat in your diet.


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Wishing you abundant health,
Paul and Yulia Tarbath


  • I'm raw since years and love this life style. Thanks to raw food I healed from infertility and have a wonderful 4moths old baby girl. I'm breastfeeding her and I have a LOTS of milk, I'm just a bit strugling to eat enough (not easy in France) and lost a few kilos more than needed, but we are all very healthy and happy 🙂 I really do recomend raw food for breastfeeding!

  • This is so good to hear! My daily meal plan is similar. I have to have some fruit before bedtime too while breastfeeding 🙂

  • This is so good to hear! My daily meal plan is similar. I have to have some fruit before bedtime too while breastfeeding 🙂

  • I have been on a fruit diet for 2 years before I got pregnant. Last three months of my pregnancy I started eating nuts like almonds, walnuts also flax seeds because that way i had more protein and fat and I felt better and stronger in the beginning. After few weeks of everyday eating 50-100g of nuts and seeds I got a flu for the first time in years, I got iron deficiency ( I never had it before) and I got RLS and eczema and not to mention I gained too much weight, and I am usually very skinny person. My baby got 1,5kg after first month of his life. It took me now 6 months to realise that nuts are making me sick. Thank you Julia, this video helps me to get back to low fat even though I am breastfeeding.

  • Healthy nursing tea by secrets of tea works best;)

  • I totally believe in listening to the body!! Thanks for the video!

  • Thanks for this great video! What if you struggle with Candida issues while breastfeeding. Is it safe to cut out fats for quite a while to heal it?

  • Hiyaaaa! Have you thought about – Fionas fat free family feasts (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it, my cousin discovered some cool recipes with it. 

  • Thanks for the information. Right now however I am really struggling…. I just changed over to eating 100% Raw and love it…..But my milk supply dropped from about 15-20 ounces/day to 10 or less a day.  I feed my baby usually when I get home from work, middle of the night, and before I leave from work. Then I pump at work once or twice. She also takes formula since I can't produce enough for her (she usually drinks from 25-30 oz/day). She is now 10 months old.  Please help. I love eating raw but need milk for my baby too. Suggestions??? Thank you

  • very useful information. thank you! i hear my favorite bali bird singing here in this video)))))))

  • Thank you for this great video, Yulia! I have a 26 months old little son and he eats still at least 3 times breastmilk a day. I got a bit confused about fat intake during breastfeeding, so this video is very useful for me. But the best is really to listen to our body.
    Elanie is so cute! Little dancing angel. <3

  • Such a beautiful place you are in. I love the sound of birds in the background  <3

  • Hi, i have 3month old babygirl, and I struggle with low milk supply., I am not raw anymore, actualy, I am not vegan anymore… 🙁 I am diagnosed with insuffitient glandular tissue, and people recomended me to eat more protein and fat diet. I didnt notised more milke since that… You give me faith that raw still works!!! 😀 I will definitely again eat more fruit and veggies!!! 🙂 
    Can you do a video about introducing raw food to baby, when do you introduce which fruit etc… 
    Thanks for great work!!!

  • Can you make a video about staying in tune with your body and listening to what your body needs no matter if you are a mother, a man or a woman – Thank you Blessings 🙂

  • i love you girlfriend , i am a breastfeeding mom and you motivate me i'm a leo woman keep up the great work fruity mama! 

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  • How old is your daughter? My son looks the same age. He turned one at the end of January. He is my first boy, but I have three other girls:)

  • your little girl acts the same way i do when i see durian ,so cute. I have a three month baby and my fat intake is very low, some days i dont eat any fat, besides the ones that fruit has, and some times i eat a whole durian. My baby is growing well and he is actually very chubby, so i think that my milk has enough fat for him. Just listen to your body, he will tell you for sure, just like you said, thanks for the great video

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