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Blogilates Cassey Ho admits she was WRONG, weight loss & gain

CASSEY HO of Blogilates.inc has fame – and money, from teaching weight loss Bull-crap.. But recently, she’s gained fat.

And with Freelee debunking her with her diet-truthism and lean waist, Cassey can’t contain her already under-carbed irritation.

Cassey’s confession video

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After 17 years vegan, I’ve discovered the simple truth about Health It’s now been 22 years. It’s time I got the truth out to the masses. My goal in life is to offer useful information to help people achieve their potential.

I first learned of the high-fruit Lifestyle in 1994 by reading “Fit-for-Life”. And I’ve been eating fruit for breakfast ever since. I went vegan at the same time. In 2008, I got into the Raw-food scene (went 85% raw).

Weight-loss isn’t about certain foods…..or Calories. Most dieters never stay thin; they yo-yo. So take advice from a 47 year-old permanently thin person who never under-eats.


  1. You're so cute. I'm kind of struggling right now with the idea of going back to plant-based eating and feeling once again like I'm giving up so many delicious foods and textures. I could console myself with nuts and seeds but even now I'm afraid that I can't eat as much as I want to on a strictly plant-based lifestyle. I don't like cooking and I don't care for smoothies and juicing. I eat lots of whole fruits and veggies and avoid vegan oils and butters. But then I still don't lose all the surplus fat from my body. This is what discouraged me and why I keep falling off the wagon. I'm left dissatisfied and feeling deprived. I will add however that I tended to calorie restrict even while plant-based and I come from a background of restriction, anorexia and bulimia.

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