Best Kheema Tikki (Mutton Mince Patty) By Veena

“If you are a mutton lover, then you should pay attention to this video, where Veena demonstrates how to make Kheema Tikki (Mutton Mince Patty) right in your own kitchen. Home made Kheema tikkis has the charm of their own. Kheema Tikkis are easy to make and are very delicious. So watch the video, learn the recipe and enjoy the meal.

Ingredients to cook Kheema Tikki(Mutton Mince Patty):

• Kheema (mince chicken)
• Oil
• 2 Potatoes
• 1/2 tsp jeera (cumin seed) powder
• 1 tsp dhaniya (coriander) powder
• 1 inch piece of ginger finely chopped
• Few coriander leaves finely chopped
• Bread crumbs (optional)
• 1 small loaf of bread/ 2 slices
• Water

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