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A Full Day Of Eating (non vegan) | Getting back on track!

A Full day of eating (non vegan) Getting back on track!


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My ABS meal plan:

Todays video is all about a full day of eating for me when I am getting back on track. I usually have two snacks but today I was full (I think because I ate so much more than usual on vacation I felt fine today) but the second snack I planned to have was an apple with almonds so if your looking for snack ideas thats so yummy !!



  1. I started drinking coffee with a straw now haha. I have also been using creamer instead I noticed a huge difference in my belly bloat. OH! BTW buy organic creamer it doesn't have added chemicals and sugar. But I know you like the flavors haha

  2. I honestly do not get why there are people freaking out about this video! I honestly think you are being realistic with your diet because it is easy to follow! The food looks delicious, and you don't have to eat 100% clean ALL the freaking time to be healthy, these are easy meals to prep and they are also incredibly good! Anyway, I hope you keep it up with these videos… and I've been watching you since the beginning and I see that your body has improved and you look bomb AF. You're truly an inspiration girl! <3

  3. Is it just me or does anybody else thinks that she's under eating this is not enough food for you for 24 hours!! how could you fill up on these pancakes and avocado salad!! i don't usually make comments like this i really enjoy watching your videos but you as a Youtuber should be more careful with your content and what kind of diet you're promoting to these young girls out there.. Cause for me personally i know i certainly won't feel satisfied eating what you just ate!!

  4. Girl I love your what I eat in a day videos! So many cool ideas, however I wanted to ask you, aren't those creamy dressings you use unhealthy and full of fat? I had a cilantro avocado dressing from chick fil a, it was so good! But the smallest packet had 300 calories!!!! Omg not worth it

  5. Do you boo you eating good and looking good! Your meals are well balanced and also show that when you are healthy you can still have flavorful food and not be miserable eating a strict diet that makes you upset. I know for sure when I was sticking to boring healthy meals it didn't help me continue my fit journey until I switched up with how I was preparing food and how much of it I was intaking. Thanks so much Sam love your videos!

  6. Yeahh I mean I love Sam but her recipes aren't really that great for weight loss . Cheese has a lot of fat and ranch like you don't need the extra calories maybe she is bulking lol 😂

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