80/10/10 raw food diet made me fat?!

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  • fat could actually be water retention?????????? dumb asses

  • I'm 165cm tall. I weight around 52 kg. I'm struggling with bulimia now and i destroied my digestion sistem and I have refluks. My stomach is bloated after everything I eat even if it's only a piece of fruit! Since I have had anorexia and now struggling with bulimia, I'd like to know how much I need to eat, I'm eating only fruit and vegetables for 6 days (max 2000kcal a day), I didn't purge at all, but have really hard time because stomach pain.
    Please reply!

  • Hi there, have you discovered Trim Fat Maximizer? (look it up on google) You will learn about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Trim Fat Maximizer, you will discover how to burn fat quickly.

  • but i do have a question: WHY harley, are you so keen on the whole idea of "BMI" being the golden standard of a "healthy weight", while at the same time dismissing the "doctors/scientists" idea of a "healthy diet." BMI is just as BS as the rest of it!!!! BMI is such a random-ass thing, based on "AVERAGES." averages of what? AMERICA?! good luck!!! people can be under or overweight according to BMI and still be healthy… should be renamed the "bullshit mass index." just wondering why yu go by it.

  • like the new intro. more relavent.

  • yes you're right he should just ignore the asian popultations who had great health and longevity and ate rice as their staple… There's alot of misnfo on grains out on the net. He does not just say grains either he says potatoes and basically any other starch. I respect harley for doing this as he is not ignoring evidence for starch based diets, yet you would rather him be a dr.graham clone and just parrot everything dr.grahams says. Correct?

  • you will gain water weigth if you put salt to your potatoes or rice

  • For all of you people beating up Durianrider for allowing Potatoes, Rice and Pasta as a backup plan consider this:

    For ALL of the societies which are know for their longevity. They ALL consumed some sort of cooked grain or cooked starchy carbohydrate and NO society has existed which had superior longevity and ate JUST fruit.

    You can read "Healthy at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of the World’s Healthiest and Longest-Lived Peoples" by John Robbins for more info.

  • Drop that at the door, please.

  • Unfortunately FOOD, no matter what it is, CANT generate LOVE of Self or Soul. Thats what the
    ANOREXIC person needs to deal with FIRST!!! The MIND without LOVE is a DEATH TRAP!!!

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