8 Food Combinations That Will Help You Lose Weight

8 Food Combinations That Will Help You Lose Weight

Combining foods not only makes dishes tastier but can also help you lose weight in a very healthy way. Several studies show that the combination of certain foods enhances your digestion, gives you more energy, and helps you become more slender.
Today we at Bright Side will tell you about 8 food combinations that will keep you healthy and help you shed those extra pounds faster

1. Vegetables + hard-boiled egg

According to one study, eggs help the absorption of carotenoids (pigments that give color to vegetables). Carotenoids not only help fight weight gain but also protect against vision loss and cancer and help nourish your skin. So next time you’re eating a vegetable salad, consider adding hard-boiled or poached eggs to the mix.
2. Tuna + ginger

Ginger speeds up gastric emptying and blocks enzymes that promote inflammation. Tuna contains a type of Omega-3 that prevents the storage of fat in the abdominal area. A perfect combo if you want to get rid of those extra pounds.
3. Spinach + avocado oil

These two super foods are your new allies to suppress your appetite: avocado oil, which also helps to improve cholesterol levels and contains vitamins B and E and potassium, and spinach that increases satiety and is very low in calories.
4. Corn + legumes

According to one study, a diet that includes legumes once a week is more effective for weight loss than one with the same amount of calories but without legumes. And adding corn increases the slimming effect as it contains sturdy starch that makes the body unable to absorb most of its calories and glucose.
5. Melon + red grapes

Melon is a natural diuretic that helps prevent fluid retention, and grapes contain an antioxidant that helps reduce fat accumulation. An ideal combination to stop swelling.
6. Chicken + cayenne pepper

As a food rich in proteins, chicken helps you stay satiated longer and makes you ingest fewer calories in the following meals. Cayenne pepper, on the other hand, accelerates the burning of fats and suppresses appetite.
7. Potatoes + pepper

According to one study, potatoes are more satiating than whole grains. In addition, they are rich in potassium. If you want to lose weight you should eat them boiled or roasted and free from dressings and butter. Instead, season them with pepper as it prevents the formation of new fat cells.
8. Coffee + cinnamon

Cinnamon contains powerful antioxidants that reduce belly flab, while coffee decreases appetite. So if you’re trying to lose a few pounds, there’s nothing better than starting your day with a cup of delicious cinnamon coffee.
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