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500 Calorie Total Body HIIT workout (NO equipment needed) PLUS Bonus 8 minute AB CHALLENGE!

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The shoes I like to train in:

Part 1: Complete 4 rounds of the following exercises (50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest)

1) Speed Skaters
2) 4x Supermans, 4x Tricep pushups
3) 4x switch lunge, 4x squat jump
4) 4x lateral jumps (1 legged), 1 burpee
5) 4x side plank toe touches, 4x crap toe touches

8 Minute Ab Challenge: Complete 2 rounds of the following exercises (50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest)

1) 4/4/4 (crunch, pulse & static hold)
2) tuck abs over ball
3) oblique twists
4) swimmer abs


  1. I did this and it seriously is sooooo efective!!! If your not sweating while doing this, your not doing it right!! And also halfway thru I lowkey felt like giving up but then I was like, if she can do it, so can I…BELIEEEVVVVEEEE IN YOURSELFFFF… Btw I'm 13😂 I just love the feeling of working out and this will keep u fit

  2. For people who are asking about the burning 500 calories.. she means generally but it varies from person to person. An overweight person would burn more calories than a leaner person so it just depends on your weight, height and how hard you work. I think I'd probably burn around 200-250 calories if I work hard and intense tbh. I'm going to try this workout and I have a Fitbit which will track how much I burned to see

  3. no way this burned 500 calories, at least not for me. I found it easy and tried to make her moves harder. It was a nice little workout, but she shouldnt write it burns 500 calories

  4. I liked this workout. The only thing I would say is that it would help if the instructor was more positive, and didn't seem to be complaining. Like "Push it! Come on!" instead of "Oh gosh, squats again…" I felt like that made it harder.

  5. Loved this workout and especially loved that it's as hard for you as it is for me Made me laugh through it – in between my gasping for breath. Great job!!!

  6. Why does the title say you will burn 500 calories with this workout? I just did it, and there is no way that I burned 500 calories. The hiit was really easy, but the abs were pretty challenging. I think it was a good workout apart from the false advertisement.

  7. Loved the work out, but wish there had been a warm-up and cool down. Had to go do another workout video for their warm up, and was tempted not to back to this workout but glad I did!

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