5 Bad Habits That Kill Your Testosterone Levels

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Avoid doing these things – they lower your testosterone levels.

I have written A LOT about increasing natural testosterone production, but until recently I haven’t made many videos about lowering testosterone levels. I mean there are probably people out there who want to lower their T and feel like shit.

You know? The guys who are scared that they’ll become too manly or too aggressive or some other bullshit explanation for as to why high T would be a bad thing.

So what I have got you for today, is a list of 6 simple steps that will completely destroy your testosterone production. If you want to get low testosterone levels, please follow the steps in this list, and if you want to do the exact opposite – which I highly suggest – then consider this as a “how-not-to list”.

1. Sleep less than four hours per night
just by sleeping less than 4 hours a night, you can easily halve your testosterone levels, and as an added bonus, you’ll feel like a zombie everyday! That’s just awesome, and hey, at least you don’t become too “aggressive” or masculine

2. Eat like a fitness enthusiast
a) Being on a calorie deficit is well-known for its ability to lower testosterone levels (even though this is mandatory if you’re a fat-ass looking to lose weight).

b) High-protein diets are detrimental for testosterone production

3. Workout every day
Once your cortisol goes up, testosterone goes down. Simply because High T and chronically high cortisol can’t co-exist.

Hit the gym hard everyday and you will skyrocket your cortisol, which again, destroys your testosterone.

4. Drink too much alcohol
Alcohol and the endocrine system is not exactly a match made in heaven.

It has been demonstrated countless times in science that the more alcohol (ethanol) you drink, the lower your testosterone, and the higher your estrogen levels will be

5. Get fat

Being fat is like a testicular nuclear bomb. It saps away the life from your gonads. And it also neutralizes the testosterone that eventually reaches your bloodstream.


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