Easy Low Cal Recipes

150 calorie pint ice cream Super Low Carb Snack!!

bringing you guys another food for thought episode Carb conscious meal!! this stuff is super good give it a try!! let me know what u guys think thanks!! comment rate subscribe!!

you do not need the protein or peanut butter make adjustments according to your needs and macros
MACROS: Fat:2g Carb:37g:Fiber:10Protein43

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  1. do u use splenda,stevia, ect, basically calorie free sugar when your on your cut regularly, or are you carefull with it and try not to use it as much? same with diet soda, do u use it or just here n there??

  2. I just subscribed to you today. Great videos! Yeah it is, I got the one with the blue rim though. I wish I knew where I could get my hands on some arctic zero icecream. They don't sell it at foodlion or walmart and those are the only grocery stores around me.

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